Avenza Maps

Visitors to Chester’s trails are strongly encouraged to download the Avenza app onto their smart phones. This app provides an excellent real time map experience, allowing trail users to call up the map of the park they’re visiting and see their location change as they walk along the trail.

Download, install, and start Avenza.

Download Avenza on App Store
Download Avenza on App Store
Download Avenza on Google Play
Download Avenza on Google Play
Download Avenda on Windows 10
Download Avenda on Windows 10

It is best to download the maps you need when you are connected to wi-fi or have good cell service.  We have these 6 maps available for download:

  1. Chester, NJ Trails and Parks which is an Overview map with 5 more detailed maps indicated in red boxes.  (This is a very helpful map; be sure to download it.)
  2. Chubb Park
  3. Evans Family Forest Preserve and Highlands Ridge Park
  4. Hacklebarney State Park
  5. Patriots’ Path Chester Trail Map
  6. Tiger Brook and MacGregor Preserve

This is how you can find and download the maps:

  1. Touch the shopping cart Store symbol;
  2. Touch Find Maps and a new screen opens with a map of the USA with your location as a pulsating blue dot;
  3. At the top of the screen touch List (see instructions below for using the Map option);
  4. Thumbnails and descriptions of available maps are shown on the screen;
  5. Swipe until you find one of the 6 maps listed above;
  6. Touch Free and then Install Now;
  7. The map is added;
  8. The Avenza map screen opens with your locale as the blue dot.

If you would rather find the 6 maps using the Map option instead of List:

  1. Expand the map so that all the downloadable maps in the area are shown;
  2. Touch various tear drops until one of the maps is found, usually in the geographic locale but not always.  The Chester, NJ Trails and Parks overview map teardrop is south of Main St. and east of Route 206.  It is just north of the Tiger Brook teardrop.  The Patriots’ Path teardrop is west of Route 206 and south of Main St.;
  3. Touch the balloon with the name of the map and a new screen opens;
  4. In the new screen, touch Free, then touch Install Now.​

The maps are saved to your smart phone.  They can be accessed by touching the Maps icon.