The Chester Historical Society has added a video to its YouTube Channel entitled  The Chester Furnace Historic Site Introduction and Hike with Bruce, Alex, and Ed.

From Ed Ng:

The Chester Furnace Historic Site helps preserve and educates us on a surprising and unique episode in Chester’s long history. It was a time that historian Larry Lowenthal called “a heady and confident period in Chester’s history, perhaps the brightest it has known”. In this video, Ed Ng sets the scene, then Bruce Clark and Alex Louie hike you through the site. Woolly mammoths, the indigenous Lenape people, ‘Lucky” Perry Skellenger, the engineering genius William J. Taylor, furnacemen with indigestion, schemers who wanted to dam the Black River to create Lake Chester, and the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps, all have roles in this fascinating story. Learn how it all comes together in this video on the Chester Furnace Historic Site.

You can access the video here.  Many thanks to Alex Louie, the videographer, editor, and tech wizard for producing the video, all while tackling the work of a full time university student.  After you see the video, I think you will agree Bruce Clark can be the David Attenborough of Chester with that silky voice.

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