On Saturday, May 22, 2021 an audience of 25 people attended the Chester Library’s outdoor program ‘A Guide to Walking Chester Trails’ which was enthusiastically presented by Chester Historical Society President Edward Ng. Ed is also a founding member of Chester Trails; he has masterfully integrated Chester’s trails network and Chester’s notable history.

Ed taught participants how to download the map app called Avenza, how to access Chester’s local hiking maps from the Avenza ‘store’ and to open them and find one’s location. The beauty of the Avenza map app is that you can see where you are on the map at all times – a blue dot notes your location and it moves when you move along the trails. Now when you are hiking, you will always know where you are and see how to get back to your starting position.

Ed presented the audience with a selection of lesser-known history hikes, including the Chester Furnace History Trail, Main Street’s historical buildings, and the Bell Labs/Telecordia hiking loop on North Road. We hope to organize guided hikes of these areas this coming summer and fall as well as add details for these hikes on this website.

As always, you can access trail maps and descriptions right here at www.chestertrails.org

Happy, healthy hiking!