Chester Township Environmental Commission in partnership with AmeriCorps NJ Watershed Ambassador Program will create a new trail for Chester Township during the month of June and July. We plan to build a new trail to connect the significant open space, environmental, cultural and historic features in Chester. The trail creation we are proposing would connect MacGregor Preserve and Tiger Brook Park to the Luce Property using an old cattle tunnel that goes under Route 206. It is one of the most significant connections we can make at this time and would link the Township’s largest properties with all the preserved land on the western side of route 206. The Luce Property is one of the most spectacular in Chester, yet very few people have ever visited it. This project would include trail clearing and marking, construction of a boardwalk for the cattle pass, and stepping stones for the Tiger Brook stream.

Chester Township received a grant from ANJEC to complete this project, and we are in need of volunteers to help clear the way for the trail. There is also an opportunity to help build the boardwalk that will be placed in the cattle pass. Both activities require no special skill. There is some light lifting that will be required.

If you, or your business, church group, scout group, or any other community group is interested, please email me at americorps@raritanheadwaters.org or call 908.234.1852 x323. Thank you!