22 11, 2016

Suggested Equestrian Trails in Chester


We had a question about where to ride horses on Chester's Trails. Ed responds: "According to the Western Patriots' Path map, there are trails for horses, bicycles, and hikers in Chester.  That is the solid red line in the map below.   See the P symbol and green arrows (added)  for parking (Fairview Av., East [...]

Suggested Equestrian Trails in Chester2016-11-22T00:33:52-05:00
15 06, 2012

Final Integrated Trails Plan


The Chester Integrated Trails Plan was made possible by the financial support of the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC), the Chester Historical Society, the Chester Borough Open Space Trust Fund, the Chester Township Open Space Trust Fund, and the Raritan Highlands Commission/North Jersey RC&D. The Project Team would also like to acknowledge the [...]

Final Integrated Trails Plan2012-06-15T09:58:04-04:00
15 11, 2011

Workshop Results – Mapping Chester Trails


We just posted some of the mapped results of the October workshop.  Click the link, take a look at the downloadable map and let us know what you think.  Are we missing any existing or potential trails or connectors?  Stay tuned as we refine this map, add more maps with additional workshop results, and add [...]

Workshop Results – Mapping Chester Trails2011-11-15T13:25:37-05:00
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